July 26, 2018
Guide to a Successful Trucking Interview
trucking interview

How to Make or Break a Trucking Interview

Earlier this year, we listed the 5 ways to ace your trucking interview. We recently sat down with some of Dynamic Transit’s recruiters to learn more about what trucking companies are looking for in drivers. They shared the best ways to become a company driver and the worst ways to leave an impression on the recruiter. If you’re wanting to join the Dynamic family, here are some points to consider before you make that call.


3 Ways to Make It


1. Longevity

Dynamic’s recruiters want to know you can stay with a company longer than a tank of gas. They’re looking for drivers who have a proven work ethic and commitment to see a job through.

2. Clean Records (all of them)

Dynamic is a company that puts safety first, and these recruiters are going to check your docs. They’re looking for a clean MVR and PSP from the FMCSA.

3. Positive Attitude

Having a good attitude about previous employers, the trucking industry, and what you’re expecting out of your relationship with Dynamic goes a long way with a recruiter. Show them the best of who you are.


3 Ways to Break It


1. Too Many Jobs

This takes us back to longevity. If you hop trucking companies with every load, you’re not going to make the cut.

2. Certain Criminal Activities

Everybody has something they regret in their past, and recruiters are human too. However, there are some crimes they’re not going to look past.

3. Lying

Hand in hand with a positive attitude is an honest one. Honesty is much more appreciated by recruiters than finding out that you lied to them later. When you’re upfront about your short-comings, they’re much easier to be forgiven.


3 Automatic Dismissals


1. Accident Prone

Per Dynamic policy, a driver cannot have more than three moving violations in three years. This not only includes playing bumper trucks in a parking lot but speeding tickets, light violations, and any other tickets or accidents that occur while the truck is in motion.

2. Failing a Drug Test

Again per Dynamic’s policy, a driver will not be hired whose drug test is positive for drugs or alcohol. Neither will you pass if you refuse to take one.

3. Not Enough Experience

A new driver to the Dynamic fleet must have at least 12 months of tractor trailer experience in the last three years. Quality time on the road matters here.


Who does drive for Dynamic?


Only the best!

Our truck drivers are at the top of their game in safety and have solid career records. Recruiters appreciate a driver that is willing to go with the flow and understands the trucking industry for what it is. Alaina, a Dynamic Transit recruiter, says it best. “The best drivers are the ones that appreciate a running truck, solid freight lanes and being left alone to do their job. We offer all three!”

Contact one of our recruiters to find out if Dynamic Transit is the right place for you. Remember this guide to ace your trucking interview.


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