March 28, 2019
Top Five Trucking Influencers
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Whether you happen to be at the outset of your trucking career or well into the trucking lifestyle, there’s a multitude of blogs and social media personalities on the internet that can help shape your personal experience. From insight into the mind and thinking of seasoned truckers – to everyday advice for greenhorns – to simple trucking related humor – these influencers hold powerful sway in the trucking community.  Like them or love them, these are the top five influencers within the national trucking picture.


1. Tony Justice

Tony Justice is a full-time truck driver who is also a famous country music artist… or is it the other way around? Either way, he writes music that offers tribute to truck drivers and veterans across the country.

“It’s my goal to educate, motivate and empower truckers so they can stand up for their rights while trying to bring awareness to the general motoring public about how certain regulations negatively impacts them and their family’s highway safety.”

– Tony Justice


2. Trailer Talk

With the Trailer Talk blog site, Tom Berg offers up his experience of over 40 years in trucking-related journalism. He dives into a plethora of trucking topics with a side of smart humor. He provides a level of knowledge that is rarely seen outside of the most seasoned of drivers in the industry. If you have any questions, there’s more than a good chance that Tom’s got your answer.


3. Trucking with Authority

Kenny Long’s Trucking with Authority is a podcast radio show. It provides tidbits of industry knowledge and well-thought advice. His overarching goal is to allow his listeners to understand the trucking industry as a whole. He does this through a myriad of speaking points that can range from truck maintenance to how to occupy your time during offloading. It doesn’t matter if you’re a highway veteran or just starting your career, Kenny Long’s show will point you in the right direction.


4. Todd McCann

Driving since 1997, Todd McCann offers industry insight through “Trucker Dump,” his podcast and blog platform. The subject matter through these outlets can vary from finding ways to maintain or improve trucking efficiency, what to do with bad drivers and whether or not truck drivers should bend the rules. Todd commands a huge following within the trucking industry. He is considered to be among the voices that make up the golden standard for industry personalities.


5. BigCat Trucker

You may have already heard of Ricky Sylvester, also known as BigCat. He’s a larger-than-life trucking personality who was featured on the Discovery Channel in 2009. Episodes follow his driving and interactions across small-town America over the course of a season. BigCat offers his perspective over a wide range of platforms. These include YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat and various podcast and blogging sites.


Honorable Mention – The Dave Nemo Show
Dave Nemo has been an authority on trucking across the airwaves for over 50 years. His radio show covers every topic imaginable. It also allows the listeners a chance to call in, ask questions and interact with Dave in a very engaging and educated manner. Dave Nemo holds his show on Sirius/XM radio every weekday for four hours at a time.

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