December 2, 2016
Tis the Season

“Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la…”

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of jolly when freight arrives at a receiving dock frozen. Frozen freight often turns into unsellable freight….and that makes for not-so-jolly people. Tis the season to protect your freight from freezing.

Is your freight safe from freezing temperatures?

With the winter chill settling in across the United States, it’s time to make sure commodities such as chemicals, paints, glues, liquids, alcohol, perishable food, batteries etc. are maintained above freezing temperature throughout transit to ensure that products maintain quality. When tendering loads to a carrier, make sure to provide the commodity type and temperature requirements in addition to the standard shipment details.

Dynamic Transit is 100% refrigerated trailers. The refrigeration units (aka “reefer units”) are set at the proper temperature to ensure your temperature-sensitive cargo arrives at its destination without a “frozen” surprise. All of Dynamic’s trailers are equipped with remote temperature monitoring capabilities, which allows our staff to consistently monitor the temperature of your freight throughout the transit process. For example, if the temperature outside is -20°F, we can maintain a consistent 60°F degrees inside the trailer with the reefer unit.

Whether your freight is temperature-sensitive all year around or it needs a little tender-loving-care during the colder winter months, be careful when tendering your freight.  A carrier that uses reefer trailers will protect their freight from freezing and avoid those frozen surprises.

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