January 24, 2017
First 90 Days
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What we can learn from the Presidential Onboarding vs. Dynamic New Driver Onboarding.

In many ways, the Presidential onboarding is like our driver onboarding orientation. The first 100 days of a President’s term is very important for setting his or her political tone. Similar to that, the first 90 days for a new driver is important for starting off on the right foot.

At Dynamic, we make sure that new drivers going through our orientation process feel welcome.  Our goal is to provide them with all the necessary information to do their jobs successfully. Without our professional team of drivers, we would cease to exist.

We have an orientation and transition team: Brian, Ron, a Driver Manager, Jodi, and Randy. They inform, educate and explain a variety of topics including safety policy, pre-trip inspection process, tractor and trailer equipment training, log compliance, hours of service, OS&D procedures, security policy, clean trailer policy, trip planning, driver pay process, what to do in the event of an accident and much, much more. The transition team makes it their business to check in with the new drivers frequently during the first 90 days to ensure the driver is doing well.

Our transition team focuses on you, the driver, to ensure you have a smooth transition into Dynamic. Changing jobs is not easy, so we strive to make it easy on our new drivers. Most people want the President to be successful because that positively impacts the country which ends up benefiting us – the people. The same applies to new drivers at Dynamic. Equipping our new drivers with the necessary tools – comprehensive orientation, the best equipment on the road, strong operational and safety support –  makes certain both the driver and the company are successful.


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