October 12, 2017
Move Over, Rover – Making Room for Your Pet on the Truck

Tips for Truck Driving with a Dog or Pet

Long stretches of highway can make trucking feel lonely, but pets are a great way to add companionship to the drive. Many drivers take advantage of Dynamic Transit’s Pet Policy to bring their furry friends along for the ride. We caught up with Ken and Amy for their stories and tips to having your pet along with you on the open road.

Ken & Oscar’s Over the Road Adventures

Truck driver Ken and his copilot Oscar the Boxer (named after boxing great Oscar de la Hoya) joined the Dynamic Transit family in January 2017. Oscar is a 10 year old boxer mix. About six months ago, Oscar had an emergency on the road. Dad Ken kept calm and safely maneuvered the truck off the road. He comforted Oscar while he assessed the situation. Oscar had had a stroke. Ken called his vet’s after hours number for reassurance, secured Oscar in a comfortable position on the floor, and finished out his shift. The next day, Ken’s dispatcher, Christine, found the boys a load home to get Oscar to his vet as soon as possible.

The stroke left Oscar completely deaf and weak on his right side. He is still trucking but with some modifications. Dynamic Transit gave Ken a truck without a passenger seat so Oscar has the room he needs on the floor. Ken picks him up and down into the truck when Oscar needs exercise and the restroom, but he believes the reward of having Oscar with him is worth the work. “He keeps me sane out here…It is quite a blessing to have him on the truck,” says Ken.

OTR with Oscar the Boxer

Ken’s Trucking with a Dog Tips

• Use window stickers to notify others of a pet on board.
• Put the work into making sure your pet is well trained.
• Exercise your pet often. (Ken & Oscar used an R/C toy remote car for their entertainment too!)
If you’re on the fence about getting a pet for the road, Ken says, “Do it. Work with them, love them, and they’ll be your best friend.”



Amy & Jack’s Long Haul Trucking Adventures

Jack is a silver toy poodle who joined the Dynamic family with driver/mom Amy in February 2014. Amy and Jack typically run the Pacific Northwest from their home in Missouri, but at 13 years old, Jack has been in all of the lower 48 states and Canada – quite an accomplishment for anybody on a truck. Jack is a trucking dog through and through, ready to go when he hears the keys jingle towards the door. He spends most of the day sitting tall in the jump seat, watching the scenery go by and “talking” to Amy. She says he’s best at helping her stay active. “He keeps me moving, which I need in a sedentary job like trucking.”


Trucking with a Pet

Amy’s Trucking with a Dog Tips

• Give them their own space, but keep them secure when the truck is in motion for their own safety.
• Keep a first aid kit on hand and any of their medication they might need.
• Be weather ready for your pet. (Jack has winter clothes and boots for cold days.)
• Time feedings to prevent accidents in the truck.
Amy also recommends taking advantage of truck stop dog parks when you find them.


If you have any pet tips, tricks, photos, or stories from your road adventures, we want to hear them! If you have any questions regarding our pet policy or driving for Dynamic, please contact us.

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