August 29, 2018
How To Make More Money Truck Driving

How to Make More Money Truck Driving

We’re sorry to disappoint you but you will not find a get rich quick scheme here. Any trucking company that makes that promise is a trucking company to avoid. Instead, we will look at how to make more money truck driving for a bigger paycheck.

Choose your company wisely.

When talking with recruiters from different trucking companies, beware the flashy sales pitch. The highest paying trucking jobs are not the ones with “big” sign-on bonuses that get you in the door. We’ve talked about how you can better utilize your hours of service to maximize your earnings. You will make even more money when you find a company that values their drivers over the long haul. Here are areas to consider:

Home time: Can this company bring you home as often as you need? Staying connected with loved ones and avoiding job burnout is essential to being happy with a trucking job.

Miles: Does this company have the freight capacity to keep you running? Miles definitely increase the pay.

Good equipment: New and well-maintained equipment are sure ways to see how a company values its drivers. Good equipment means fewer breakdowns and a better investment in who they are.

Healthy work environment: It’s important that other drivers and employees through the company are happy with their company because that feeds into the overall environment. Work for a company that shares your values, has an open door policy with upper management and provides support staff that supports.

More endorsements endorse you.

If you are looking for the fastest way to make more money as a truck driver, specialized endorsements are the way to go. They do require extra work on your part before you can earn more, but the pay increase is worth it. Drivers with hazmat, tanker, or flatbed endorsements are in higher demand, earning more miles at a greater pay.

Dynamic Transit is now offering more money on the mile to their drivers with endorsements and paying for the hazmat endorsement for any of their drivers who are interested.

Make driving bonuses work for you.

Companies are willing to pay bonuses for the hard work you put into earning them. Take advantage of the opportunities that a company puts out there to earn more, usually for doing what you’re already doing. Like a referral bonus: if you drive for a great company, you’re probably already telling other drivers about it. Be sure they have your info to give to the company, or grab their information and pass it along to a recruiter for some easy cash. Safety bonuses are another easy score because you’re already driving as safely as you can, right? Make these bonus systems work for you.

Be a proactive teammate.

With increasing driver salary, a company can only be as proactive towards that as a driver will work towards it themselves. Being a teammate with a company means putting the customer’s needs first, being willing to drive the miles and run where the freight needs to go. It means communicating with your driver manager about availability, talking to dispatch about moving up appointments if you’re arriving early and taking the next one out. A good teammate works hard no matter what, and that goes for the driver and the company.

It takes time and a few miles to figure it all out, but your efforts won’t go unnoticed. If you’re looking for a company to earn more with, call Dynamic Transit’s recruiter’s today. We will show you how to make more money truck driving with us.

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