May 17, 2018
Home on the Road – Dynamic Trucks Combine Comfort & Power
new peterbilt 389

Dynamic Trucks Combine Comfort & Power

We’ve spent a lot of word space talking about the ins and outs of being a truck driver but not as much time on the truck that makes the driver. Dynamic Transit’s fleet is completely made of Peterbilt trucks that serve as reliable workhorses and homes away from home. Each truck is brand new, straight from the factory, and barring special circumstances, a driver keeps their truck.

Creature Comforts

These Peterbilts aren’t the old Ford farm trucks many of us learned to drive and work with. They offer a much more comfortable ride, roomy living space and a seat without a spring to poke you over every bounce. Highlights include:

The trucks come factory-stocked with a Peterbilt mattress. However, if a driver finds it uncomfortable, our truck team will exchange it for a memory foam mattress.

Also, while most trucks are manual transmissions, there are some automatic trucks in the fleet that can be used to accommodate disabilities or license restrictions.

What’s Under the Hood?

Truck drivers want to be sure the trucks they are given are strong enough to help them get the work done and are going to be reliable while doing it. Many of our drivers are pulling loads over the mountains on regular routes in the West. Each of the trucks comes armed with a 450 Horsepower Cummins motor – either the ISX or the X-15.

Regular maintenance performed at every 10,000 miles keeps these trucks (and their drivers) safely on the road for as long as each of them can handle. Depending on the fleet and the market, the average shelf life for a truck in our fleet is 3-5 years. For the drivers who stick around longer than that, there’s a bit of a reward.

An Exterior of Your Own

While we don’t have any show trucks in its fleet, some of the Peterbilt 379s are still hanging around. Still, what’s a truck if it isn’t good to look at?

Our tenured drivers are allowed to choose the paint color for their new truck when it’s time for an order to be placed. This customization began when we recently ordered 200 of the latest 2018 models.

At Dynamic Transit, we value our drivers and provide for them in a way most companies our size aren’t able to. We provide new and well-maintained trucks with some of the best amenities on the road. All this matters to our drivers, and we make sure to maximize safety and enjoyment in their job. For more information about joining the Dynamic Team, contact our recruiters.

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