November 22, 2017
A Helping of Thanksgiving for Truckers
Happy Thanksgiving for Dynamic Transit

Thank You Truck Drivers

As we settle into our long Thanksgiving weekend routines – traveling on Wednesday, feasting on Thursday, shopping on Friday, recovering on Saturday, and preparing for a normal week on Sunday – it’s easy to lose track of the behind the scenes work that makes it all possible. This is a special thank you to the truck drivers who make our holidays what they are.

Thank you for bringing the groceries.

While we’re running around like chickens without heads, searching for the perfect turkey and all of the sides, truck drivers have been keeping their heads attached while delivering the loads of fresh produce and everything else we need to get dinner on the table.

Thank you for being patient in traffic.

Truckers are sitting in more Thanksgiving travel traffic than we can wave a finger at. (I’ll let you choose which finger.) They’re not the cause of the traffic; they’re still on the clock while the rest of us are trying to beat the clock. They’re patient, professional, and forgiving when it comes to holiday traffic.

Thank you for delivering the goods.

Without truck drivers, there wouldn’t be any Black Friday mayhem for everybody to go crazy over. We appreciate the deals and the entertainment of the hunt that draws everybody to the box stores and malls. To sit in jammed parking lots. And see you patiently waiting to make it to your next drop.

Thank you for missing time with your own family.

Being out for deliveries at all times of the holiday week, whether it’s fresh groceries or crazy-low priced computers, means that truckers aren’t home with their families. While some of us may claim jealousy over this, the fact is, it just isn’t a holiday without our crazy clans.

Thank you for sacrificing your feast.

While we can debate the merits for fresh or canned cranberry sauce, drivers don’t get a say. They might get to sit down to some feast leftovers at a sympathetic receiver/shipper while they wait, but more likely, it’s a truck stop meal or a cold sandwich.

Thank you for the entertainment.

Truck drivers haul loads of NFL equipment for the games. They deliver all of the marching bands and flowers for the parades. Some of them drive in the parades. Then there are the broadcasting trucks for every major network that send this entertainment straight into our living rooms.

Thank you for doing it all over again.

In the coming and going between loads, truck drivers make sure the grocery stores are stocked with our daily basics, gas stations still have plenty of fuel, and pharmacies still have medications, so we can return to our grind come Monday.

This year, when gathered with the family for a delicious feast and some football or shopping, whatever your traditions are, don’t forget to add a blessing for the truck drivers who make these holidays happen behind the scenes.

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