March 14, 2018
Your New Trucking Job – Free Yourself of First Day Jitters
Driving for Dynamic Transit

Prepped and Ready to Roll

Being ready for your first week on the job can feel overwhelming as you adjust to new teammates, new trucking E-logs, new equipment…you get the idea.

To help ease your first day jitters, it is best to come prepared. We’ve pulled together a list of things to bring with you for your first day on the job based on the wisdom of other OTR truck drivers.

Important Papers

This list should go without saying, but we’ve all been forgetful when flustered. Do not forget to bring your social security card or birth certificate, CDL A license, and your valid physical. You should have your physical completed before starting your first day.
Bring enough clothing for a week.

That includes enough clean outfits for each day but also plan for changes in weather. Dressing in layers works well, but don’t forget to pack a coat for the evenings or bad weather, an extra pair of shoes, boots and plenty of socks.

Toiletries and Medications

If you take medications or use contacts, don’t forget to have them refilled before hitting the road. You’ll also want to remember any toiletry items you’ll use in a week’s span – shampoo/soap, razor and shaving cream, contact solution – as well as your everyday items.

Sleeping Gear

Orientation includes hitting the road your first week. Bring whatever you need to sleep comfortably in your bunk – blanket, pillow, sheets, CPAP, sleeping bag.

Emergency Kit

Whether it is snowstorms or thunderstorms, severe weather can happen at any time in the spring. No matter how new our equipment is, breakdowns are always possible. Whatever the case, you should be prepared for emergencies with an extra supply of food and water, a toolbox, first aid kit and a flashlight. You also may want to have a space heater that is less than 1500 watts in case you’re waiting it out in the cold.

Your Friendly Fido

Dynamic Transit is pet-friendly, and we want to be sure your furry co-driver is taken care of as well. It’s important to take care of these needs for your pet also – pet carrier, bedding, extra food, animal first aid kit, waste disposal (bags or litter), collar, leash and shot record. Keep in mind, before scheduling orientation, make sure to let your recruiter know that you will be bringing your pet so that they can make pet-friendly hotel arrangements for you so you can keep your pet at the hotel while you’re at orientation.

We’re a company built on teamwork, and we’re excited to have you as a part of our Dynamic trucking family. If you’re still looking for a job with one of the best trucking companies, we are hiring drivers at Dynamic! Contact our recruiters for more information.

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