April 25, 2018
Under Dynamic’s Hood with Mechanic Jay Hills, Sr.
Jay the Dynamic Transit mechanic

Dynamic Transit Mechanic, Jay Hills, Sr.

As a kid, Jay Hills, Sr. always wanted to be around the big trucks. He grew up to become a mechanic, but as life happens, it took him a while to make it to the trucks. Eleven years ago, Dynamic Transit’s owners Fred and Michele gave Jay an opportunity as a walk-in mechanic to see how he’d do in their Granite City, Illinois shop. He’s been a part of the Dynamic family ever since with no plans of leaving. “I love being a mechanic for Dynamic. It’s so family oriented.”

In the family way

Being family oriented is exactly what drives Jay. Ask him about his children, and this straight-to-the-point mechanic’s voice softens. He has six kids of his own between 13-17 years of age and one younger nephew at home. He’ll proudly tell you how all of them are honor roll students and will humbly deny any credit, instead touting his wife’s ability to simultaneously play consultant, psychologist, and referee for the whole family.

When he’s not with his wife and children, you’ll find Jay at his second home – the Dynamic Transit shop. He loves his job. “The group I work with in the shop are awesome. There’s a lot of comedians, but they’ll always work with you. And there’s always a different challenge every day.”

While he does a little bit of everything, his favorite task is rebuilding the diesel particulate filter systems. Jay is the kind of guy who loves a challenge and learning something new. The diesel particulate filter systems provide that challenge with their constantly evolving technology. He appreciates Dynamic’s investment in their mechanics with up-to- date training to keep in pace with the trucks.

Talk to us, truckers

Jay’s best mechanic advice for truck drivers comes down to one word – communication. He can’t stress enough how important it is for drivers to stay in contact with their mechanics. Jay encourages drivers to keep a regular maintenance schedule with their trucks, minding services and tires along the way. It makes it easier for everybody when something major happens to a truck if the drivers and the shop have been communicating along the way and have a rapport with each other.

What is the easiest way for a driver to stay in the mechanical-know of their truck? “Pre-trip. Always pre-trip,” Jay emphasizes. “And if you don’t know or understand what is going on, always ask. That’s what we’re here for.”

There’s a thread of camaraderie that weaves its way through every part of Dynamic Transit’s culture. It’s what gives Dynamic a family atmosphere, and it starts at the top with Fred and Michelle. Jay says it doesn’t matter who you are in the company, they will make time to talk with you. “They gave me a chance, and they’ve stood behind me. Loyalty will always be there.”

If you’re interested in joining the Dynamic Trucking family, contact us today.

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