January 5, 2018
Dynamic Transit Co. Announces Plan to Fully Transition to a Fleet of All Peterbilt 389
Peterbilt 389

Dynamic Transit Company transitioning fleet to all Peterbilt 389

Granite City, January 8, 2018— Dynamic Transit Company announces its plan to fully transition to a fleet of 2018 Peterbilt 389. Dynamic Transit Company recently purchased 100 new 2018 Peterbilt 389’s. Dynamic Transit Company continues to expand its fleet by purchasing first class equipment to keep the fleet up-to-date, lower the amount of maintenance needed and to cut down time drivers might experience on the road.

“Dynamic Transit has taken a significant step forward this year. Having new and better equipment will give comfort for our drivers and will cut the amount of down time drivers would have experienced with our older trucks. All our trucks will be equipped with new Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), refrigerators and inverters,” said Michele Khani, Owner of Dynamic Transit Company.

Fred Khani, Owner of Dynamic Transit Company, “Classic drivers deserve to drive classic trucks. We understand the importance of comfort and always having the most prestigious, top-of-the-line trucks. The Peterbilt 389 is the Cadillac of our industry. We are excited to give this equipment to our entire team of drivers. Our commitment to quality equipment, ample “no-touch” freight, all the miles a driver can handle is why our employees stay with us.”

About Dynamic Transit Company:

Headquartered in the heartland of America, Dynamic Transit Company is a truckload carrier with over 30 years of experience providing transportation solutions. At Dynamic Transit, drivers can expect predictable home time, first class equipment and competitive benefits.

Dynamic Transit has invested millions of dollars in quality equipment. Having the best equipment has always been a priority, which includes the new 2018 Peterbilt 389 equipped with APUs, refrigerators, invertors and a newer fleet of Great Dane trailers.


Contact Information:

If you would like to learn more about driving opportunities, please contact:

Alaina Yobby
(618) 876-3000 extension 206

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