April 30, 2018
Dynamic Transit Announces Plan for Largest Driver Pay Increase
Dynamic Transit announces pay increase

Dynamic Transit Announces its Plan to Increase Driver Pay with the Biggest Pay Increase in Company History.

Dynamic Transit Company increases pay starting June 1, 2018.

Granite City, May 1, 2018— Dynamic Transit Company announces its plan to increase pay for company drivers effective June 1, 2018. Owners Fred and Michele Khani will increase driver pay for the second time in 2018. Driver income has been stagnant over the last several years. A sluggish economy and increased regulations have created a shortage of qualified over-the-road drivers. The Khani’s are convinced that the best way to attract new candidates to the industry is to pay current drivers a wage that properly compensates them for their skills and professionalism.

“As Dynamic Transit Company grows, we feel it is only necessary that we help our drivers and make sure they are compensated for their hard work and are paid what they’re really worth” said Michele Khani, owner of Dynamic Transit Company.

At Dynamic Transit Company, drivers will be making industry leading pay. Effective June 1, starting pay for a qualified driver with HAZMAT and Tanker endorsements will be $.55 per mile, a $.10 per mile increase above the recent wage increase announced in March. Drivers will receive an additional pay of $.05 for each mile driven under a placarded HAZMAT load. If a driver is hired on and does not have their HAZMAT and Tanker endorsements, Dynamic Transit Company will cover the cost for any driver interested in getting their HAZMAT and Tanker endorsements so that the driver is eligible for the pay increase.

Fred Khani, owner of Dynamic Transit Company states, “Our vision has always been to make this company the best place for everyone to work. With the best trucks on the road and industry leading pay, Dynamic Transit has positioned itself to be a top choice for drivers and customers.”

About Dynamic Transit Company:

Headquartered in the heartland of America, Dynamic Transit Company is a truckload carrier with over 30 years of experience providing transportation solutions. Dynamic Transit Company offers a combination of first-class equipment, top-shelf customers, a supportive staff and plenty of miles every week.

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