February 21, 2019
Checking Out Dynamic’s New Peterbilt 389’s

“Classic drivers deserve classic trucks.” That’s what Dynamic Transit owner, Fred Khani, said in 2018 when we announced our plans to put every driver inside a brand new Peterbilt 389. As we celebrate our all-new truck fleet, we thought we’d look closer and show off some of our drivers’ favorite features.



APUs & Inverters

Auxiliary power units (APUs) and inverters deliver extra electrical power to the truck even when it’s not running. Dynamic Transit drivers enjoy Thermo King TriPac APUs and 1500-watt inverters that run quietly in the background and let drivers enjoy some of the comforts of home, like TVs, microwaves and coffee machines.


Peterbilt 389 refrigerator



Thanks to our trucks’ built-in refrigerators, Dynamic Transit drivers can eat better than ever. With both fridge and freezer space, drivers can keep their truck stocked with healthy snacks and meal supplies before they roll out.


Peterbilt 389 sales


Bunk Heaters 

When you’re up north in the dead of winter, your bunk heater becomes your best friend. The Peterbilt 389 equips all of Dynamic Transit’s trucks with adjustable bunk heaters to keep drivers comfortable at night–no matter what the temperature is like outside.


peterbilt 389 storage


Tons of Storage

As a driver, you can’t take everything with you on the road, but it’s always nice to pack a little more. The 2018 Peterbilt 389 interior features ample storage space in the cab for drivers to keep their belongings.


New Peterbilt 389


Dynamic Peterbilt 389’s Deliver Reliable Quality

Sure, all the bells and whistles are nice, but the best truck is the one that keeps running. Dynamic’s new Peterbilt 389s feature 450-horsepower engines—either the Cummins ISX or the X-15. The build quality of the Peterbilt 389, combined with our routine maintenance, keeps drivers on the road for as long as possible. 

We’re excited to be one of the few trucking companies that use Peterbilt 389s exclusively. These are workhorse trucks that offer the quality, features, and styling that our drivers deserve. However, our fleet is just one of many ways we’re investing in the total driver experience. Drive with us and discover the Dynamic difference for yourself.


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