August 2, 2018
When the Going Gets Tough – Driver Tips For Motivation
Driver Tips For Motivation

Driver Tips For Motivation

As we move into the dog days of summer, the miles are stretching longer as the highways reach further into the horizon. The appeal of sunny days has lost its luster as the hot temperatures make the cab stuffy and the ride uncomfortable. This time of the year can be brutal on even the best over the road drivers. It’s easy for OTR drivers to lose motivation on a long haul. Hence our driver tips for motivation to inspire you while on the road.


The Tough Get Going

Many companies offer truck driver rewards programs to try to keep their truckers going. While those rewards may be helpful for some, they’re usually not enough to be an only source of motivation for a driver. Let’s explore some of the ways you can stay motivated and keep going.

Step 1: Find what motivates you.

Have you asked yourself, “Should I quit my truck driving job?” There are days when that’s an easier question to answer than others. However, if that’s one of the first things you ask yourself when you wake up, it’s time to do soul searching.

Why did you start trucking? What’s your favorite part of the job? Are you going to find those points in another line of work? If you’re answering no to the last question, it’s time to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Set goals.

No, not counting how many fence posts you pass in a mile. Setting a realistic goal that you can work towards helps keep you focused when the days are long. Financial and fitness goals are great places to start because you can set short-term goals to see quick results.

Step 3: Measure results.

Whether it is losing weight or figuring out how to make more money as a truck driver, set small goals that are easy to measure to ensure your success. Instead of counting pounds to start with, count how many laps you can walk around the truck while you’re fueling or waiting instead. If you want to earn more dollars, stay out on a long run while the late summer hours are good.

Step 4: Try something new.

Many of us fall off our goals or feel stuck in a rut because we’re bored. Don’t be afraid to shake it up. Ask your dispatcher for new routes that can add more miles to your paycheck while seeing another part of the country. Experiment with new recipes that are healthier options than the prepared foods that are the usual fare. Stepping out of routine can be uncomfortable at first, but it’s usually a shift that can lead to a better place.

If you’re feeling the doldrums of late summer, give these steps a try before throwing in the towel on your trucking job. Communicate with your dispatchers and driver managers to find solutions and remember you’re a part of the Dynamic family.


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