October 5, 2018
Driving for Dynamic – Driver Interview with Tom
Driver Interview with Tom

Driving for Dynamic – Driver Interview with Tom

Melinda got the inside scoop in this Driver Interview with Tom on how he loves running the road and what lanes he likes to run. Watch the video to learn more about Tom and how he loves how he is treated at Dynamic Transit.

Melinda: Hi, I’m Melinda. I’m a recruiter here at Dynamic Transit and I have one of our drivers here. I’m going to ask him a few questions about why he likes working here. If you could tell me your name and how long have you have been here, that would be great.

Tom: Tom Leathers. I have been here for almost three years.

Melinda: All right, great! How many miles would you say you’re getting a week here?

Tom: Anywhere from 2800 to 3000.

Melinda: Is that pretty consistent?

Tom: Yes, it is.

Melinda: Are you one of our drivers that has HAZMAT and Tanker endorsed drivers?

Tom: No, I’m not.

Melinda: Are you going to get it?

Tom: No.

Melinda: So, you are happy with what you’re are doing?

Tom: I’m happy with what I’m doing.

Melinda: You’re happy with even the pay and not getting that extra.

Tom: I like the way I’m treated here.

Melinda: What sets us apart from other places that you worked with?

Tom: Well, since I have been with Dynamic Transit, they have taken in me and my family and it just has been like one easy roll as we go. I haven’t had any difficult times really.

…More Driver Interview with Tom

Melinda: Okay, good. Where are you out of?

Tom: I live in New Mexico.

Melinda: So, that is kind of a hard place to get drives home. How is getting home for you?

Tom: I get home maybe once a month, but there are times when I will stay out for a couple of months. It depends on how freight is going.

Melinda: Are we pretty good about getting you home when you need to be and want to be?

Tom: Yes.

Melinda: Sometimes we have to pull you off the road and tell you to go home, right?

Tom: Right.

Melinda: Where is your favorite area to run?

Tom: I run the northwest. I like the northwest quite a bit.

Melinda: Why is that?

Tom: Just people are easy going, nice roads and the customers that you meet are really nice.

Melinda: So, do you do a lot of produce?

Tom: Yes.

Melinda: Okay, sounds good. How many miles have you done while you have been here?

Tom: Let’s see. It ranges anywhere from 12 – 14,000 a month.

Melinda: Okay, so you are hitting that bonus too?

Tom: Yeah.

Melinda: All right, great. How did you come to know about Dynamic before you came here?

Tom: Truthfully, I researched Dynamic for about two years before I came here and every driver I talked to had the same answers. The same story, just nothing bad to say. How nice you guys were. That’s when I decided to come over to Dynamic Transit.

Melinda: It has been all good for you? I mean as good as it can be, right?

Tom: It has been uphill ever since.

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Melinda: I understand that you were the first point of contact for a person that I had hired — Josh. Can you tell me a little bit about how that transpired?

Tom: I rolled into the truck stop in Little Rock, Arkansas and he came over and talked with me. I just told him everything. He liked, and I really convinced him. It was his choice and I said great. Come on over and get on board. You will see how things roll over here. We don’t sit around too much.

Melinda: Your honest opinion and honesty with him made him come over here and he has actually turned out to be a really great driver and a great person as well. Also, is there anything you would say to somebody else may be looking to come over here or thinking about it?

Tom: If they are looking for a family atmosphere, a place that will run you, and you are looking for the miles and home time, check us out!

Melinda: Okay, all right. Sounds good. Well, thank you so much, Tom, for interviewing with me today. If you are looking for a great company, come to Dynamic Transit!

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