August 10, 2018
Driving for Dynamic – Driver Interview with Ron
driving for dynamic - ron

Driver Interview with Ron

We talked with Ron, one of our veteran Drivers to see why he loves Dynamic Transit. With 30 years under his belt and eight of them here at Dynamic Transit, we just had to know! Watch the video to see why Dynamic Transit is above the rest!

Melinda: Hi, I’m Melinda a recruiter here at Dynamic Transit and I have Ron here. We are going to ask him some questions about Dynamic. So, Ron can you tell me your full name and what you do here?

Ron: I’m Ron Dickson and I drive trucks.

Melinda: All right then! How long have you been driving for Dynamic?

Ron: Eight and a half years.

Melinda: What is your favorite part about Dynamic?

Ron: The people.

Melinda: Why is that?

Ron: Because they treat us like we are family instead of a number.

Melinda: Okay. Have you worked at other places where you felt like you were treated like a number instead of a person?

Ron: Oh yeah, definitely. Other places I worked at were just like that. You were a number by your employee number, your truck number. That is what they went by. This is totally different.

Melinda: Okay! How many miles would you say you average in a week?

Ron: Around 28 – 3000 or more.

Melinda: Are you HAZMAT and Tanker endorsed?

Ron: No.

Melinda: Are you going to get it?

Ron: Yes!

Melinda: You know why, right?

Ron: Oh, definitely.

Melinda: So, you be rolling in the money. All right, okay, good! Let’s see here. I know you have a million miles under your belt here. How much would you say you have total as a driver period?

Ron: I’d say a million two hundred.

Melinda: How long have you been in this industry total?

Ron: At least 30 years.

Melinda: Goodness. Okay, all right. Is there anything you could tell me that if you met somebody out on the road and they were thinking about a different job, what would you say about Dynamic that might make them want to apply?

Ron: The pay is really good. Like I said, the employees they treat you like family. That is a big plus right there. The way they run the miles. The miles are really good. You will make a lot of money. I have made a lot of money.

Melinda: Okay, good. I know you are going to share a little of that today. (laughing) All right, cool! And where is your favorite area to run?

Ron: Utah. I like Utah and Idaho and then turn around and come back to Ohio, Kentucky.

Melinda: How would you say your ability to get home… where do you live?

Ron: I live in Montgomery City, MO.

Melinda: Are we good about getting you home when you want to be?

Ron: Yeah, sometimes.

Melinda: Okay, well, we will just take that off the interview. No… no…

Ron: No, most of the time they get me home on time.

Melinda: Okay, good. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Ron: No, but if drivers are looking for a good place to drive, awesome trucks to drive, I mean you can’t get much better than that — that Peterbilt sitting out there. Yeah, come to Dynamic Transit and make a lot of money and get to drive a nice truck.

Melinda: All right, thank you very much.

Ron: You’re Welcome

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