January 17, 2019
Steering Clear of Cabin Fever
cabin fever

Steering Clear of Cabin Fever

Life on the road comes with a lot of freedom, and also a lot of downtimes. Whether you’re waiting on the loading dock or stuck in a snowstorm, you need ways to pass the time or you’ll drive yourself crazy from cabin fever. Take a look at these hobbies for truck drivers to keep yourself entertained on the road.


After a long day of sitting behind the wheel, it’s fun to get your heart rate going with a workout. Workouts mean different things for different drivers. Some like to pump weights in the cab, others prefer a quick walk around the truck stop every night. No matter what you’re feeling, your body will thank you for adding fitness into your routine.


Reading is a timeless hobby. Nothing beats kicking back with a good book and a cup of good coffee. Plus, technology is making this hobby even easier. Today’s e-readers and tablets can hold thousands of books at a time and audiobooks can help you read your favorite books while you’re driving.


It’s fun to make things with your own two hands. A lot of truck drivers learn to craft while they kill time in the cab. There are tons of things you can craft and the internet will be your friend as you learn how to make them. Craft ideas for truck drivers include:

  • Knitting: Don’t laugh, fellas. It’s relaxing and easy to pick up.
  • Sewing: Also relaxing. You’d be surprised how many drivers we see take up quilting.
  • Modeling: Model planes and boats are fun to craft and easily fit in the truck.


What good is traveling across the country if you don’t slow down to enjoy it? We encourage drivers to take time to get outside the cab and visit local parks, attractions, and landmarks in their free time. Try using a website like RoadTrippers to find things to do along with your route. These experiences will help you get out of your current day-to-day rut and realize just how fun life on the road can be.

Being a professional truck driver means making some sacrifices here and there, but you can still enjoy tons of hobbies while in the cab. Next time you’re feeling bored from cabin fever, try a new hobby before reaching for that laptop or tablet. You may find they’re more fun than watching that movie on Netflix for the 10th time. For more truck driver tips, visit the Dynamic Transit blog.

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