January 10, 2019
Boosting Your Career in the New Year
boosting your career

Boosting Your Career in the New Year

Happy New Year! As you hit the road after the holidays and set those New Year’s resolutions, we know a lot of you are thinking about boosting your career. Maybe you’re looking for a new trucking company or more perks at your current one. Whatever your goals, here are our tips for making the most of your career in 2019.

Should I Stay With My Trucking Company?

We hear this question a lot at truck stops across the country. No matter their job, everyone feels stuck at one point or another. If you’re on the fence about your current trucking company, then you shouldn’t keep it to yourself. Chat with your driver manager or contact HR about your concerns and what you want to change moving forward. You may find that it pays to stay, or that it’s time to change truck driving jobs.

What Should I Look for in a Trucking Company?

So let’s say your current company isn’t changing and you need a new opportunity. Start by making a list of what to look for in a trucking company. We recommend judging a company based on their pay, benefits, equipment, and culture. Rank those four categories by how important they are to you. When you see an opportunity come along, look at how the company stacks up to your categories. Just be sure you have another job lined up before quitting at your current company. No one wants to go without a paycheck for a couple weeks.

What Path Should I Take?

You don’t always have to leave your company to shake up your trucking career. Professional drivers have tons of certifications and career paths open to them if they want to get out of a rut. Career paths for truck drivers include:

  • Long-haul or short-haul
  • Local or regional
  • Reefer or dry van
  • Hazmat or tanker

A lot of drivers make these choices at the start of their career and never think about them again. If you feel like you’re stuck in the same old routine, ask your company about a new route or certification. Just changing what you’re hauling or where you’re running could make a huge difference in your happiness (and even your paycheck).

Keep these tips in mind as you think about your job in 2019. No matter what your goals are, the trucking industry has plenty of ways for you to move around and find something you love. Check out our trucking job advice articles for more tips on growing your career this coming year.

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