May 2, 2018
Why Being a Company Driver Is Better Than an Owner Operator
Veteran Truck Driver and His Truck

3 Reasons Why Being a Company Driver Is Better Than an Owner Operator

Every truck driver comes to a point in their career where they debate whether to stay a company driver or become an owner-operator. It’s a favorite conversation around the lunch counter at any truck stop across the nation, and both sides have their merit. Deciding whether or not to become an owner-operator is a lot like deciding between buying a house and renting an apartment.

Only you’re buying a truck. And unlike houses, trucks always depreciate in value.

Dynamic Transit only hires company drivers, and here are three reasons why it works out better for the drivers.

Company drivers have less overhead expenses (and responsibility).

Like the house buying metaphor, owners have to spend a lot of money out of pocket. First, a truck driver needs a hefty chunk of change to start as an owner operator or else face piles of debt in equipment purchases. Once the equipment is purchased or leased, the new owner operator is responsible for the payment of insurance, maintenance, licensing fees, and fuel just to start. Some owner operators also pay brokerage fees to find loads for them. Now that the truck is running, the driver has to park, eat, and shower.

A company driver is responsible for his living expenses. And for that, Dynamic offers per diem pay. For most drivers, it makes the most financial sense to drive for a company than take the risk of striking out on your own.

Company drivers’ bookkeeping is taken care of for them.

Let’s be honest here – a company truck driver wears many hats. Being a company driver requires the stress and balance of handling large equipment, offering customer service, and being a company representative when you have a billboard running down either side of a trailer. Owner operators, on the other hand, take on all of the company driver tasks and add CEO and accountant too.

Company drivers have a built-in support system.

The trucking industry is a close-knit family that isn’t going to cut ties with owner operators for going solo, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to feel lonely.

Company drivers can count on relationships with their driver managers, their dispatchers, and their shop folks. These relationships are the strength behind the drivers and offer a dependable safety net to fall back on when it’s needed. This is the support system that keeps a company driver running as long as they can, finds them a way home when a family emergency happens, and covers the truck’s tires when they’re due.
Owner operators simply don’t have that kind of back-up when they need it. The greatest benefit of being a company driver for Dynamic Transit is knowing you do.

If you’re interested in joining the Dynamic family, give one of our recruiter’s a call at (618) 876-3000.

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