April 4, 2018
Spring Time Trucking: The 5 R’s to Gear Up for Spring
Peterbilt on road

The 5 R’s to Gear Up for Spring Trucking

We have survived the groundhog’s prediction of six more weeks of winter, and the Northern Hemisphere truck drivers are looking forward to spring. As the days grows longer, there are five ways Dynamic Transit’s truck drivers can reinvest in themselves for a better day on the road.

Renew with some spring cleaning.

Now is the perfect time to take the truck through a wash to clean off all of the snow grime and road salt from winter. Don’t stop with the outside cleaning, though. Take the time to thoroughly clean the cab’s inside and make the space feel fresh again. Removing physical clutter also clears away mental clutter.

Revive yourself.

Along with cleaning out your cab space, regular exercise goes a long way in making yourself feel ready to tackle the day. Physical well-being tends to go out the window during the cold and dark winter months. Make use of the extra sunshine by stepping out of the truck for socialization on a break, a long walk, and stretches. Spring is a great time to dust off those New Year resolutions for better health that didn’t make it to February.

Reset your internal clock.

Trucking jobs make it hard enough to keep a regular sleep schedule; we get it. But there are some things we can do to help ourselves when struggling to adjust to the long days and time changes. Make sure you practice self-discipline with screen time later at night. Make your bunk as calming and comfortable as you need with a good pillow. We recommend using a fan for some white noise, or a set of ear plugs if need be. Pair these tips with the exercise and spring cleaning mentioned above and you’ll have an easier time keeping your internal clock in tip-top shape.

Refresh your emergency supplies.

While you’re removing clutter out of the truck, be sure to restock any items in your emergency supplies and first aid kits that you used over winter. Batteries, lights, food, and water are items you may need in the event of an accident or storm. You will probably want to trade out some of the extra winter clothing for lighter layers and a rain jacket, but don’t forget that winter isn’t always ready to leave just yet. Chain laws are still in effect through May in some of the western mountain states, so just stay prepared.

Which leads to our final R…

Remain weather aware.

Spring is an unpredictable time of year for weather. March through mid June can mean anything from blizzards to tornadoes to flooding. We recommend checking out our winter weather truck driving tips, since some routes may still be getting hit hard by inclement weather. Be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings and an ear out for what’s happening down the road. If things start to look ominous, tune to local radio stations. You should also download weather apps for your phone. Lastly, we recommend keeping the GPS on for local alerts and always stay in touch with dispatch.