High-Value Goods

Dynamic Transit provides superior management of the transportation portion of your supply chain with continuous visibility and security. Providing innovative solutions for your high value, time and temperature-sensitive shipments allows us to deliver customer satisfaction through reduced shipping costs and delivery of product to its destination safely, intact and on-time.

We share your concern for the security of freight to protect against cargo theft.

Dynamic Transit is a WBE certified carrier with over 30 years of financial stability you can rely on to haul high-value goods. Our expert team of well-trained drivers and support staff, specifically trained in the transportation of high-security, high-value cargo and hazardous materials, have established procedures that comply with Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) freight security requirements. Our fleet is equipped with:

  • Glad Hand Lock and King Pin
  • Tractor GPS tracking
  • Hidden trailer GPS tracking
  • Tractor brake lock
  • Seal Guard trailer locking systems
  • Temperature control equipment with remote temperature monitoring and temperature reading report capabilities

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